RFID Key Tag Wooden Cards

Our RFID wooden key tags feature a hole on the top, making them convenient to attach to key rings or other accessories. This design allows for easy carrying and use, making them an ideal option for hotels, apartments, and other businesses requiring keyless entry or access control.

Made from high-quality wood, our RFID wooden key tags are durable and long-lasting, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly option for your business. They are also highly customizable, with a wide range of printing options available to create a unique and personalized design that reflects your brand and style.

With our RFID wooden key tags, you can leave a long-lasting impression on your clients, creating a memorable and high-quality experience that fosters customer loyalty.

Choose ZBTech for premium-quality, customizable RFID wooden key tags with a convenient hole on the top. Contact us today to learn more about how our RFID wooden key tags can benefit your business.


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