Custom TK4100 Proximity Cards for Access Control

Custom TK4100 ID proximity cards from the China card maker ZBTech, custom-made plastic water-resistant PVC cards for access control.

Material: white PVC
Size: 85.5*54mm
Printing: blank or offset printing
Surface: glossy or matte
Laminated for thermal printing

125khz rfid card

Advantage of ZBTech TK4100 Proximity Cards

New PVC material instead of recycled is more durable

Stable chipset to make sure work well and longer

Offset printing is clear and high definition

Faster feedback and delivery time


Blank 125khz TK4100 ID Cards

Blank 125khz TK4100 cards are smooth, stains and scratches are under control, ideal for thermal printing, name, number, or photo.


Custom Full Color Printing TK4100 Cards

Custom full-color printing cards, we use offset printing to guarantee high-quality, laminated with an overlay to protect your cards from scratches and color fade-off.


Blank Clamshell TK4100 RFID ID Cards

Blank clamshell ID cards with a hole, convenient to hang on the keychain or add a lanyard ideal for students and employees.

Manufacturing High-Quality 125khz Proximity Cards in Bulk

ZBTech is a professional plastic card factory that provides TK4100 proximity cards blank, customized personalized printing, or clamshell cards with serial numbers. ISO standard cards are popular for access control, the key to the door, and employee attendance cards.

Moreover, TK4100 RFID cards are blank and suitable for thermal printing, good for workers’ badges, students’ cards, and hospital attendance cards.

If you need TK4100 proximity cards for your business and projects, you can send your detail requests to get our factory-direct price.

Table of Contents

TK4100 chip features:

  •  64-bit memory array laser programmable
  •  Read-only
  • Large modulation depth due to a low-impedance modulation device
  • Very small chip size convenient for implantation
  • On-chip 480PF resonance capacitor
  • Operating frequency 100-150KHz, typical frequency: 125Khz
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible for EM4100
  • Reading distance: 0-5cm according to the reader power

Production Process

ZBTech uses a state-of-the-art machine for custom print TK4100 RFID cards, every step for QC from material selection, chip checking, and making sure cards work.

  • Printing
  • Lamination
  • Cutting
  • Finished card checking

What Function of TK4100 ID Cards?

  • ID card / Animal Tag / Read only memory in identify serial number / Automatic management / Industrial production


  • 200pcs/box, 2000pcs/carton, we can also package as your requests, such as 100pcs/bag, 200pcs/box.

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