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ZBTech is a professional supplier in China that offers custom-printed NFC smart cards, providing OEM & ODM NFC cards in bulk with a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. 

custom nfc cards manufacturer
custom nfc cards

Custom NFC Cards in Bulk for Your Business

  • Tap and go without any delay
  • Contactless card with durable protection chip
  • No subscription, no download, safe and reliable
  • Reusable and easy to operate
  • Share information, stand out

ZBTech, Your Reliable Custom Printed Personalized NFC Cards Factory

ZBTech is a top-tier choice for reliable custom NFC card printing manufacturing in China. Our knowledgeable team, approachable sales staff, and in-house facilities ensure rapid turnaround times and high-quality results.

We specialize in bulk custom printing of NFC cards in diverse materials, sizes, and shapes, offering a broad selection of chips to suit your specific needs. Whether you require standard NFC cards or unique die-cut designs, we have the expertise to accommodate your requests.

With global shipping options and a strong track record of customer satisfaction, you can count on us for wholesale, tailor-made NFC cards. You can trust that each finished product will surpass your highest expectations.

When it comes to your NFC card printing needs, settle for nothing less than excellence – rely on ZBTech for premium, customized NFC cards. Contact us today to discuss the requirements of your project. 

Custom Bulk of NFC Chip Cards

ZBTech offers custom plastic NFC cards with the option of printed, blank, or transparent formats.


Custom Printed NFC Cards

Customize PVC NFC cards with your brand's logo and personalized messages, pictures, or images. The durable, waterproof PVC material ensures long-term usability and aesthetic appeal.


Custom Blank NFC Cards

Our customized blank NFC card service enhances integration and user convenience, providing easy and convenient access when read by your NFC-enabled mobile device. These cards are laminated with an overlay suitable for thermal printing.


Custom Transparent NFC Cards

These visually appealing NFC cards feature unique designs that can make your business stand out. The transparent, flexible, and waterproof construction ensures long-lasting use with a see-through feature.

Custom NFC cards in bulk, you can choose different materials like PVC, wooden, and metal


Custom PVC NFC Cards

PVC NFC cards are a popular choice due to their durability, waterproof nature, flexibility, and resistance to bending, providing excellent value for money. They are particularly well-suited for large-scale production.


Wooden NFC Cards

Custom wooden/bamboo NFC cards are sustainable and reusable, offering the opportunity for personalization through laser engraving of your name and logo. With a well-protected NFC chip inside, these innovative tap tags are sure to leave a lasting impression on your friends and clients.


Custom Metal NFC Cards

Create your own NFC metal cards with a luxurious style that combines elegance and functionality. Customizable logos make them a representation of your brand's prestige, and their robust construction ensures longevity.

Custom different shapes and sizes of NFC cards from us, hundreds of molds for your selection.


Custom NFC Chip Card Printing Square

Custom square NFC card with personalized printing, company logo, graphics, text, or serial number. Custom a hole can be used as NFC keychain, or promotional membership cards, loyalty cards. Square NFC printing cards can be stand out in the crowd.


Custom NFC Smart Card with String Rectangle

Custom rectangle NFC cards coated with epoxy, is rugged and durable, scratches resistant, waterproof, and easy to hang on the key. It's convenient for employees, loyalty customers to take it. Small size is light-weighted, won't bring too much burden even hang on the pets.


Custom Round Printed NFC Tag Cards

Custom-printed round or coin NFC cards are cute, lightweight, and can be easily hung on a keychain with a string. They can be customized with or without epoxy coating, making them an excellent option for tracking pets or as a key to the door.

Environmental Friendly

Reducing the need for paper and plastic

High Cost-Performance Ratio

Can be reusable many times and save money

Easily Interactive with Users

Any NFC-enabled smartphone can use it

Strong Personalization

Can print any personalized content

Excellent Printing for Your NFC Cards

Heidelberg’s four-color printing machine uses the CMYK mode, so whether it is monochrome or color printing, it can effectively reproduce the colors of your design drafts. The size of the printing material is 305*460mm, with 5*5 products per sheet. In the case of high-speed production, orders for millions of cards can be delivered within 15-17 working days.

Personalized Techniques Make Your NFC Cards Stand-out

To customize your NFC cards, you can print logos, different names, serial numbers, QR codes, and other content to reflect individual or brand characteristics and achieve specific functions. 

Additionally, you can also encode the same or different URLs, contact information, text, and other details. This allows for convenient information sharing, simply by tapping a phone near the NFC card, preventing manual input errors.

You also have the option to customize different sizes, shapes, hole punching, or back glue to meet various needs.

nfc cards with QR barcode
custom nfc card for fun

Usage of NFC Chips Add More Fun

NFC chips are a form of near-field communication technology, with a typical reading distance of 0-3 centimeters, which significantly ensures its security. Furthermore, NFC chips are contactless, reducing physical contact and effectively preventing the spread of viruses.

Common chip models include Ntag213, Ntag215, and Ntag216. The appropriate chip can be selected based on specific needs. NFC chips support read and write functions and, thanks to their universality in all NFC-enabled smartphones, significantly increase interaction rates with customers. They are also secure from viruses and malicious software.

NFC chips can store various content. After data is written, encryption or permanent locking can be selected to protect the written content from unauthorized alterations. Their diverse functionality and ease of use are crucial for brand promotion.

The diverse storage of content ensures a clean and simple card surface, while the ability to rewrite the chip means that even if some content needs to be changed, there is no need for reissuing, reducing waste.

QC for Antenna
QC for NFC cards

Believe in Our Production Process, Every Step Ensures the Quality of Your NFC Cards

We have a strict quality control process from material selection to final packaging. Even with fully automated printing, we sample and verify colors to ensure there are no deviations. During the wire bonding and chip soldering stage, we meticulously test each chip for proper functionality following the fully automated wire bonding process. Prior to lamination, we dust off to ensure the card surface remains unaffected by dust. During the data writing phase, we use large machines for batch operations, ensuring high speed and accuracy. Additionally, we have a dual automatic verification process to confirm chip encoding correctness, and to mark any unusable chips for removal after punching. The final finished cards undergo individual inspection as well.

white PVC material for nfc card

Rest Assured with Our Brand New PVC Materials

We use new PVC material that is vividly white without a blue hue, allowing for better color reproduction of your design. Additionally, new materials are more resilient compared to recycled materials, making the cards less prone to breaking, thereby increasing their durability and lifespan.

NFC membership cards

Cr80-Standard Card Size

The standard size of PVC NFC cards is the same as a credit card, conforming to the standard CR80 dimensions. This makes it easier to fit them into wallets or cardholders. The four-rounded corner design helps prevent any sharp edges from cutting fingers.

Extensive NFC Cards Applications

nfc business card

Custom NFC Business Cards

Custom NFC business cards are a practical and convenient way to share information. Instead of handing out traditional business cards, simply tapping your NFC card on another person’s mobile phone allows for easy information exchange. Customizing your NFC business card with unique designs and shapes can make it eye-catching and memorable.


Custom NFC Badge

Custom PVC digital badges with embedded NFC chips are adaptable and ideal for proximity cards and access control. They offer the flexibility of horizontal or vertical layouts and can be punched for lanyard attachment, allowing for comfortable wear around the neck. Moreover, it’s possible to print photos and names on these badges, adding further customization.

nfc luggage tag

Custom Printed NFC Luggage Tags

With vibrant colors and a clear QR barcode, these customizable NFC luggage tags allow you to make your brand stand out. Sized similar to a standard card and weighing only 8 grams, they won’t add extra burden to your luggage.

rfid loyalty cards

Custom NFC Loyalty Payment Cards

NFC loyalty cards provide a simple way for customers to make payments and transactions. Using NFC technology, customers can quickly tap their cards or mobile devices to process transactions within seconds, without requiring physical contact. This convenience makes NFC a highly convenient payment method. 

Our wholesale custom full-color standard digital Google review cards are designed to make your NFC cards more vibrant, and eye-catching, and leave a lasting impression on your customers. By using these visually appealing cards, you can encourage your customers to provide higher ratings for your business on Google. 

We Offer a One-Stop Service for Customizing NFC Cards for Your Personal or Brand Needs.

What Clients Say

And the 3000 cards we received are working PERFECTLY. I'll attach a video to this email for you to see them in action 🙂 Thank you!! Sincerely,
Thanks Catherine, Yes, they were collected today for the 20K cards. Thank you very much!


An NFC tag card is a card with a microchip and designed antenna for near-field communication, operating at a frequency of 13.56mhz. It can be read by NFC devices such as NFC mobile phones or NFC readers and can be shaped as standard CR80, round, square, or rectangle as per your design preferences. 

The process of printing custom NFC smart cards involves various steps. Begin with designing and selecting the right cards for your project, then choose appropriate materials. Antenna design and manufacturing follow. Subsequently, cards undergo lamination, cutting, quality inspection, programming, the printing of barcodes or QR codes, adding serial numbers, encryption services, quality control, and finally packaging.

  1. Screen printing, which is suitable for single or simple colors, UV effects, or gold/silver glittering backgrounds.
  2. Offset printing, ideal for large quantities with the ability to print 25 ISO standard cards in one sheet. This method offers high definition and color matching with faster printing speed to meet delivery deadlines.
  3. Thermal printing, more suitable for customer personalization, allowing for different names, photos, and serial numbers.
  4. Digital printing for full-color printing with small quantities, offering faster processing and cost savings.
  5. Variable printing for text, QR codes, barcodes, or serial/progressive numbers, offering options such as DOD or Laser printing. 
  1. Contact information for use as an NFC business card
  2. Links to websites, registration landing pages, or any other page for promotion
  3. Wi-Fi settings, enabling easy sharing of Wi-Fi network access without the need to manually enter the password
  4. Bluetooth connectivity, allowing quick pairing with earphones or speakers
  5. Email capabilities, facilitating the composition of an email for easy sending
  6. Telephone numbers, enabling quick calls to contacts 
  7. Geo-location data, launching applications, plain text, or SMS. NFC tags can fulfill a wide range of requirements. 

NFC ID cards work by emitting radio waves when an NFC device is brought near the NFC card. These radio waves activate the reader’s antenna, allowing for data exchange between the card and the device.

To protect NFC cards, you can purchase NFC-blocking cards in bulk or use an NFC-blocking wallet. These measures can help safeguard the information stored on NFC cards from unauthorized scanning or data theft.

Yes, you can encrypt your NFC cards to prevent information from being altered.

Yes, NFC cards are rewritable using an NFC device.

This depends on the material you choose. Typically, commonly used PVC smart cards are waterproof, durable, and flexible.

   – Adhesive

   – Anti-metal material

   – Hole

   – Epoxy

   – String

NFC-enabled mobile phones and NFC readers are capable of reading and writing NFC cards. Mid/high-end Android smartphones from the last 4 years support both read and write functionalities. iPhone 11 and newer models also support this feature. By downloading an NFC tools app, you can write different commands.

Contactless cards, including NFC smart cards, also utilize other chips like 125khz (low-frequency card) and UHF cards.

Yes, an NFC card can be used as a key for access control in co-working spaces. The door is equipped with an NFC reader, and the data encoded in the NFC cards allows only authorized personnel to access the door. Many companies use NFC doors and cards for employee access control and attendance tracking.

NFC Cards:

  • Read by NFC devices
  • Embeded in PVC, wood, metal, paper
  • One card can store different information according to the chip memory
  • Rewritable
  • No influenced by design
  • Still work any damage or dirty on the surface
  • More safer when encrypted

QR codes:

  • Scan by QR codes Apps
  • Printed on paper or PVC
  • One code only contain a piece of information
  • One time printing, cannot change
  • Must have enough place for printing
  • Cannot work when damage or dirty on the code
  • Cannot be encrypted

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