Custom RFID/NFC Badges Wholesale from Factory in China

  • Quick Turnaround: Your order will be ready in 7-9 working days
  • Custom Printing: We’ll print your personalized information
  • Quality Assurance: Our in-house production guarantees top quality
  • Matching Lanyard: A coordinated lanyard can be provided
custom nfc badges
custom rfid badge

Custom Personalized RFID Badges from ZBTECH

Custom RFID/NFC badges wholesale directly from the Chinese factory ZBTech. Elevate your organization with smart digital badges for employees, students, and event attendees. Customize with your company logo, images, and graphics to make a lasting impression.

Custom PVC Smart Badges for Access Control or E-tickets

Custom RFID badges feature a built-in micro RFID chip, providing options for low frequency (125kHz), high frequency (13.56MHz), and ultra-high frequency (860-960MHz). 

The chip is securely laminated within PVC material for stability, sensitivity, and durability. The PVC material is waterproof, oil-resistant, dust-resistant, significantly extending the lifespan of the RFID badge. 

Custom bulk orders of RFID badges for your business, events, or conferences are highly reliable and secure. The RFID chip includes user memory, allowing you to encode content that aligns with your system, whether for enhanced access control, cashless payments, or effectively distinguishing VIP customers from regular attendees within restricted areas during events.


Custom ID Badge

LF 125Khz chip ID badge, TK4100, and T5577 chip are available, get the UID number of the ID badge, for attendance checking and access control.


Custom NFC Badge

Custom NFC badges with printing read by iPhone or Android smartphone, password protect available, you can also add URL, social media to other commands.


Custom UHF Badge

UHF RFID badges are often used for trade shows and fairs, the E-tickets for attendees. Long reading distance to get the badge ID faster and more convenient. Frequency: 860 ~ 960MHz, meet the standard of ISO18000-6C.

Benefits of RFID Badges

Safer Without Physical Keys or Passwords

Eliminating the need for physical keys or typed passwords enhances security.

Healthier Non-Contact Entry

Avoiding contact when opening doors or registering fingerprints promotes better hygiene.

Data-Backed Access Control

Whether for clocking in or accessing restricted areas, there's traceable data at every step.

Enhanced Area Segmentation for Safety

Better distinction of restricted areas ensures safety and prevents awkward situations.

Different Types of Holes for ID Badges

  • Flat hole 4*14mm 
  • Single round hole 5mm 
  • Double round hole 5mm 

RFID Badge Cards Applications

RFID Enabled badges have a wide range of applications

These applications demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of RFID-enabled badges across various industries and settings.

RFID Conference Badge

RFID Conference Badges

These security badges serve as vital credentials for conference attendees, allowing only authorized and invited individuals to enter. Additionally, they record attendance, providing valuable insight into participation.

custom events badges

RFID Event Badges

These badges function as e-tickets for events, enabling swift and secure access with a simple tap and go mechanism. This maintains order, enhances the participant experience by avoiding long queues, and prevents the circulation of counterfeit tickets.

rfid school badge

RFID School Badges

Serving as student cards for attendance tracking, these badges play a crucial role in ensuring school security by preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the premises.

RFID Badges for Hospitals

With RFID name badges featuring images, only authorized personnel can access critical areas in hospitals, allowing for better control and security.

RFID Employee Badges

These badges are effective for access control in companies, buildings, and among federal employees and police, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

rfid badges printing

Print methods of custom printing badge RFID

  • Offset printing: suitable for large quantities, faster and competitive.
  • Digital printing: suitable for small quantities, full color, and changeable photos, numbers, and names.
  • Thermal printing: ideal for end-users to add ID badges for their employees.

What is the reader for matched smart badges?

  • NFC badge reader: Can I read my work badge with my phone NFC? Yes, our NFC badge is workable for NFC smartphones, for reading or writing.
  • ID badge reader: The LF ID card reader is workable to get the UID number.
  • UHF badge reader: How to bypass RFID badge readers, UHF reader with matched cards make it work.
rfid badge reader

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