Custom RFID Cards Manufacturers Provides Types of Programmable Cards

ZBTech, is a professional RFID card factory supplier in China, with the ability to produce different types of customized RFID cards printing. Your one-stop place to custom print RFID cards for your brand.

  • 7-9 working days of production time
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Programming is workable

Custom RFID Cards Improve Your Business

  • Access control enhances security
  • Cashless payment is more convenient and efficient
  • No more queuing increases customer satisfaction
  • Increasing website visitation boosts click-through rates

Custom Different Types of RFID Cards

ZBTECH, RFID smart card maker, can customize various types of RFID cards printing service for you, with chips available in low frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency options. The cards can be made in standard size China CR80 RFID card, die-cut, or mini size. We are made from premium quality PVC material, completely waterproof, and durable. Additionally, a laminated film is used to protect the imprint of your brand logo, as well as high-quality graphics/images on the cards.

custom rfid prepaid cards

RFID Prepaid Cards

Custom RFID prepaid cards are safe, convenient, easy to use, and ideal for shoppers and owners to manage.

access control rfid cards

RFID Access Control Cards

RFID access cards are ideal for control is the key to the door without contact. Safety, faster, and easy to operate.


TK4100 RFID Cards

Custom TK4100 ID proximity cards from the China card maker, custom-made plastic water-resistant PVC cards for access control.


125khz RFID Cards

Custom 125khz RFID ID cards from your reliable vendor in China, get the competitive wholesale price and customized crafts.


Attendance RFID Cards

Custom bulk of RFID attendance cards from card maker in China, with personalized printing, guarantee the quality with QC for every step.


RFID Gift Cards

Buy bulk of custom RFID gift cards, your reliable RFID card vendor in China, and provide customized service to help you build your brand and grow your business.

plastic hotel key cards

RFID Hotel Key Cards

Custom RFID hotel key cards bring much convenience and safety for hotels, let your clients have a good experience, and introduce more customers.

NFC Square Gift Cards

RFID Membership Cards

Custom bulk of RFID attendance cards from card maker in China, with personalized printing, guarantee the quality with QC for every step.

rfid blank cards for thermal printing

RFID Blank Cards

Custom RFID blank cards are made of high-quality PVC materials and are embedded with IC, ID, or UHF chips, making them highly reliable and secure.

Advantages of Custom RFID Cards

Data Store

RFID cards can store datas, such as stored value, points, and personer information. Making it more secure and reassuring for customers.


RFID cards are contactless, sensitive to induction, reduce friction, and the chips are more durable. also, reducing contact is safer.


RFID cards are convenient to use, whether for the elderly or children, just need to place the card near the reader.


Custom RFID cards can be customized with your company's logo and design, better promoting your brand.

New and High-Grade Material

We use brand new PVC white material that is flexible, not easily broken, and suitable for different climates. The new white material does not tend to be blue, ensuring that the colors in your design are maximally preserved. It produces bright and vibrant printing on RFID cards, presenting a perfect effect when printed.

white PVC material

Professional Winding Equipment

Professional winding equipment is precise and fast, with a stable frequency output, ensuring the sensitivity of RFID card reading. It can customize the matching coil size according to the size of your RFID card, smart card inlay can be square or circular. Large-scale testing further ensures the speed of your shipments.

Why Choose ZBTECH for Your Custom RFID Cards

IC antenna custom
lamination IC cards

ZBTECH stands out as a premier supplier of RFID smart cards in China. We offer comprehensive solutions and services for custom RFID cards, encompassing printing, encoding, encryption, and personalized QR printing.

We take full responsibility for each of your RFID cards, with rigorous quality control as our basic standard. Every process is accompanied by quality checks, ensuring that each RFID card, from its appearance to its functionality, reaches you in perfect condition.

ZBTECH is capable of customizing RFID cards according to your specific requirements, including size, thickness, and shape. Simply provide your design specifications, and we will strive to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us now to get started!

RFID Cards Applications

rfid card Access Control

Access Control

RFID proximity cards are widely used for controlling access to buildings, rooms, and restricted areas. The cards are scanned by RFID readers to grant or deny entry

E-ticket for Events and Transportation

E-ticket for Events and Transportation

RFID plastic cards are used for contactless payment and ticketing systems in public transportation, toll roads, parking facilities and events.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

RFID technology is used to track and manage assets such as inventory items, equipment, and vehicles in industries like retail, logistics, and manufacturing.

Identification and Authentication

Identification and Authentication

RFID smart cards are used for personnel identification and authentication in workplaces, events, and educational institutions.

Payment and Loyalty Programs

Payment and Loyalty Programs

RFID PVC cards are utilized for cashless payment systems at events, festivals, and for loyalty programs in retail.



RFID ID cards are used for patient and staff identification, access control to sensitive areas, and for tracking medical equipment and supplies.

Library Systems

Library Systems

RFID chip cards are employed in libraries for efficient book and media check-outs, returns, and inventory management.

Custom RFID Cards from ZBTech, You Can Choose Different Material

FAQ for RFID Cards

  • RFID card stands for radio-frequency identification, there is an embedded chip inside, with a matched antenna. It’s a kind of passive RFID card without a battery.
  • 125khz LF: It’s a kind of proximity RFID card, with a reading distance of around 0-3cm, normally used for access control, and attendance checking. You have the choice to select read-only like TK4100 or read & write such as T5577 IC.
  • 13.56mhz HF: High-frequency RFID card ideal for payment, E-ticket, membership RFID cards or loyalty cards, anti-theft in automobiles.
  • 860-960mhz UHF: UHF RFID cards are used often at trade shows, and events for identification, contactless allow a 30-50cm reading distance if hang in front of the human body. Except for that, supply chain inventory is a good application.
  • Dual frequency RFID card: According to your function, you can custom-made LF & HF, or LF & UHF, also, HF & UHF. Multi cards in one.
  • Yes, custom print RFID cards are available here, we use high-quality offset printing on the big sheet, clearer, HD, and fresh.
    For small quantities, digital printing can meet your budget without scarifies quality.
  • Can print single color, full color, serial number, bar code, QR code, etc.
  • Yes, no matter where you are located, we have cooperated freight forwarder to ship your cargo safely and fast.
  • To calculate the RFID card price, you should prove some information.

    Chip type
    Encoding or not
    Other special crafts
    The chip should match your system, we cannot suggest it at random.


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