Custom 213 NFC Jewelry Tags

Introducing our custom Ntag213 or compatible chip specifically designed for managing jewelry. With a special die-cut shape that is tailored for rings, necklaces, and bracelets, this chip boasts a thinner design that won’t leave any unwanted traces of glue on your precious jewels.

This chip is NFC-enabled, meaning it can be easily read and written to by any NFC-enabled mobile phone. The NFC sticker is trackable and can be encoded with various data, such as URLs, text, and social media links, providing a convenient way to check details and inventory.

Our NFC jewelry tags are not only rewritable but also encryption-enabled, making them great for brand authentication. With a paper surface, you can easily customize the tags with your company logo either by printing through us or using your in-house printing system.

Trust us to provide you with the ultimate jewelry management system utilizing our high-quality NFC technology.


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