Custom RFID Concert Wristbands

Deliver the best experience to fans with our custom RFID concert wristbands. Say goodbye to ticket queues and enjoy fast-read access with E-tickets. 

Whether it’s a single-day concert or a multi-day event, our wristbands are comfortable to wear and visually appealing. Wearers won’t feel burdened and will be more than happy to share their wristbands with friends for viewing.

rfid concert wristbands




ZBTech, The RFID Concert Bracelets Manufacturer

When you buy concert wristbands RFID in bulk from ZBTech, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Select from materials like woven tags, PVC, ABS, or silicone. 

You can also choose different chips to match the functionalities you desire. Our options include low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high-frequency. From simple UID number reading to access control, cashless payment, and social media sharing, we can make it happen for you.

Why custom RFID concert wristbands?

Ensuring participant safety

  • By using RFID technology, security measures can be implemented to prevent overcrowding and stampedes. The wristbands can allow for controlled access to different areas of the concert venue, ensuring the safety and well-being of attendees.

Preventing counterfeit tickets

  • RFID wristbands can help combat ticket fraud and prevent the use of counterfeit tickets. The unique identification codes embedded in the wristbands make it difficult for counterfeiters to replicate, ensuring that only genuine wristbands are used for entry.

Collecting data for organizers

  • RFID wristbands provide valuable data for event organizers. By writing in a website URL on the wristbands, participants can easily share information and engage with the event digitally. This data can be collected and analyzed by the organizers to gain insights into attendee preferences, demographics, and behavior patterns, helping them improve future events.

How to custom make RFID concert bracelets in bulk?

Determine desired functionalities

  • Determine the specific features and functionalities you want your RFID concert bracelets to have. Consider options such as access control, cashless payment, social media sharing, or any other custom features that align with your event requirements.

Choose the right chip

  • Select the appropriate RFID chip that matches your desired functionalities. Different chips operate at different frequencies (low-frequency, high-frequency, or ultra-high-frequency) and offer varying capabilities. Ensure that the chosen chip can support the functionalities you require.

Select a suitable style

  • Choose a style of bracelet that aligns with the aesthetic and comfort preferences of your attendees. Consider options like woven tags, PVC, ABS, or silicone bracelets. Keep in mind factors such as durability, customization options, and wearer comfort.

Provide design specifications

  • Provide the manufacturer with the design specifications for your custom RFID concert bracelets. This includes any artwork, logos, branding, or text that you want to be incorporated on the bracelets. Additionally, specify the desired quantity of bracelets that you require.

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