Custom Food Ordering NFC Tags for Restaurants to Increase Your Business

NFC tags have been adopted for many restaurants, bars, coffee stores, and fast-food shops allowing customers to order and pay directly. Save time and increase sales.

What is an NFC tag?

NFC tags with a small chip and matched antenna embedded, allow you to get or exchange information with an NFC smartphone.

The advantages of using NFC restaurant menu:

NFC restaurant menus offer numerous advantages to both customers and restaurants. 

  • Firstly, they provide a touchless experience that is much safer, as contactless NFC menus are faster, and help avoid infection by viruses and bacteria, contributing to a better and safer dining environment.
  • Additionally, NFC food ordering tags offer convenience and faster service to customers. They can place their orders themselves with a tap, no matter how busy or quiet the restaurant may be.

    This enables customers to choose their meals at their leisure without the pressure of waiters, and quickly check the amount spent in real-time whilst making adjustments.

NFC food ordering tags

  • Moreover, NFC food ordering tags are a cost-effective solution as they can help to reduce labor costs. They can help to adjust the imbalance between peak and low traffic periods, eliminating the need to hire more workers during busy hours only to let them go during quieter times, making them your free workers.
  • NFC menus eliminate the need to reprint menus each season, avoiding the headache and cost of having to do so and worrying about errors and changes on existing menus. 

nfc sticker with QR code

  • Furthermore, they provide limitless information for reference, allowing customers to view detailed suggestions, reviews, ratings, and pictures of dishes with just a tap. This helps customers to make informed choices on their favourite dishes.

  • NFC labels are waterproof and dustproof, which is essential, as it prevents menus from getting stained with water or oil, ensuring that they are always clean and readable.

  • Additionally, NFC restaurant menus are easy to read with an NFC enabled mobile phone or QR code, resulting in quicker ordering times and reduction in human errors. This facilitates efficient tracking of orders and fast service for customers, which helps restaurants to build better relationships with their customers.

  • Furthermore, NFC tags for restaurants can help manage orders by assigning employees to specific tables, making it easy to keep track of who is responsible for each process, which ultimately helps manage the restaurant with ease.

  • Customers can also access the restaurant’s wifi link, store information, or read about their corporate culture and entrepreneurial story, whilst waiting for their food, leaving a memorable lasting impression.

  • The NFC restaurant menu encourages customers to share it with their friends and relatives, thereby attracting more clients. Additionally, customers can sign up, share photos, and post their experience on the site, bringing authenticity and trust to the reviews.

  • Finally, NFC business cards can be sent to customers for takeaway orders, making it convenient for them to order their favourite meals with just a tap. 

What kinds of NFC tags for the restaurant you can choose?

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