How to Print on NFC Cards

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print on nfc card

Overview of NFC Cards

NFC cards refer to smart cards that are equipped with NFC chips, enabling wireless close-range information transmission. They are commonly used for electronic business cards, access control, identity recognition, and URL sharing. Convenient, fast, and secure.


Due to these features, various industries use customized NFC cards to promote their personal business or brand. So, how can you print personalized NFC cards? Let me explain in detail for you below.

Chip Selection

When customizing NFC cards, it’s crucial to carefully select the chip. Commonly used chips include Ntag213, with a memory capacity of 144 bytes, which is sufficient for storing just a website link. Additionally, there are Ntag215 and Ntag216, with memory capacities of 504 bytes and 888 bytes respectively, but they are slightly more expensive than Ntag213.

Artwork Requirements

Furthermore, you need to design your artwork. The card’s dimensions are 85.5*54mm, but the artwork size should be 88.5*57mm, with a 3mm bleed to prevent any deviations during cutting and avoid white edges.

Additionally, you need to specify any elements that may change, such as alterations to QR codes, barcodes, or serial numbers, which need to be removed from the artwork during large-format printing.

Moreover, when designing, avoid excessive content and using excessively small fonts. Since the NFC chip can store necessary content, you can design the artwork to be simple and clear, reflecting the company’s brand. Even if there are some detailed changes, they only need to be modified within the chip, without the need for a complete reprint.

The artwork format should be in vector format, PDF, or AI. If you only have images, they should be maintained in high resolution. Furthermore, we advise against designing any borders to prevent potential size variations in the final cards, which could affect their aesthetic appeal.

Printing Methods

We utilize Heidelberg four-color printing machines, employing the CMYK model, to achieve high-quality color printing. Whether mono or color artworks, they can be printed in a single run, ensuring accurate color reproduction and consistency across each card.

Printing dimensions are 305*460mm, producing 5*5 small cards. The high-speed operation ensures immediate turnaround for large quantities, providing efficient printing services.

After printing, we apply lamination on the material to ensure color durability and longevity.

However, for small batch printing of different layouts each time, we recommend investing in bulk white cards along with a thermal transfer printer. This approach can help save costs on setup fees, plate charges, and shipping expenses, while also saving time by enabling direct printing when needed without waiting for the normal 7-9 working day lead time or the 4-6 day shipping duration.

For portrait cards, we employ digital printing. Digital printing technology handles subtle color variations and image details effectively, showcasing the characteristics and intricacies of portraits. Additionally, digital printing allows for on-demand printing, efficiently accommodating varying quantities, offering customers personalized and customized printing services.

As for QR codes and serial numbers, common printing methods include UV and laser printing. UV printing utilizes black color with a slight raised effect, waterproof and resistant to color fading concerns. Laser printing employs yellow and gray colors, providing the advantage that even if the outer film is damaged or removed, the codes remain preserved on the card.

Here are the simple steps to customize and print your NFC cards:


  1. Choose the type of chip you need.
  2. Design your artwork.
  3. Finalize the printing process.
  4. Confirm the quantity needed.


After these steps, we will create an electronic proof for your approval. Once confirmed, we will proceed with customizing and printing the NFC cards according to your requirements.


If you have NFC cards to customize, feel free to contact us now!

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