How to Program NFC Tags with NFC Tools

NFC tags are becoming more and more popular, and widely used in different industries and applications. But how to set up NFC tags by smartphone? The NFC tools app can help.

Firstly, download the free NFC tools app and open it, you can see the screen like this:

NFC Tools

Click the read, and approach the tag on the top of the iPhone, you can get the tag details like chip type, standard, UID number, memory, encoded info, etc. If there is no response, please move it around a lit bit to find the reader’s right place.

tag info

The reading distance is according to the match between the NFC tag and the reader size, on the metal tag like NFC metal business cards, you should be close to the NFC mobile reader.

Then, the most important part you are interested, how to code an NFC tag.

After clicking the write button, this page will display

program nfc tag

erase nfc tag

Add some text as reminding message, or steps of cooking, what’s more, a list of important numbers is workable.

Add the URL to the NFC tag. This function is used the most since you can paste any custom URL to the tag. No matter your company website, landing page, or social media like Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok. Which can promote your business and get more fans.

On the other hand, add the payment link to check out in the shops, hotels, and stores. Or, encoding a digital menu for your clients to take an order.

Note: do not use “” in your URL to make sure the NFC tag open URL can pop up.

Add a link to a file If you want to share a file with your friends or clients, just tape the link and program to the NFC tag. No need to write every time, just tape it and confirm to download.

Add an email An email is often added to the tag, which is a convenient way to let your potential clients send you their messages or requirements. To avoid mis-spelling the words and missing the inquiry.

Add a contact If you are preparing a trade show or conference, you will inevitably need business cards, NFC business cards will be your first choice. Encode every detail in the business card, only with a tap, and save all your information on the visitors’ smartphones. Don’t worry about your business cards being thrown away or misplaced.

Add a Wi-Fi If you own a shop, please make sure you add a Wi-Fi in the NFC tag, no matter stick on the wall or on tables, which can save you a huge time to answer the question, “What’s your Wi-Fi code?”

Let them help themselves with a tap NFC to connect to Wi-Fi.

Add SMS You may receive a message, “I found your pet on the road, please contact me by phone.” Yes, every person will be excited to receive such a message if their pets got lost. So, do not forget to program the NFC pet tag with your contact info.

In addition to that, you can add location, address, Bluetooth, 

After you write data in the mobile, then, put the NFC tag close to the mobile reader, and the tag finished successfully.  


other functions

How to erase NFC tag?
Put the tag close to the reader, click the button of delete the NFC or erase. The other way, just rewrite what you want to, and confirm, then the tag updated with new information.

You can set the password to protect your data to avoid change, like the landing page or registration page. You can also lock it permanently. If doing this, you cannot rewrite or erase the tag anymore.

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